Thursday, February 6, 2014

New York sweater - Almost done!

I really doubted my ability to do some resizing to a smaller size needle on this project, not sure why.  It fits exactly how I wanted it to!  Once again, I was wrong to doubt myself, silly me!  

I did swatch up a square with a size 8 needle, and I liked the drape of it, but then the stitches become inconsistent looking.  I think that would come out in blocking, but anyways I decided to stick with my original idea on size 6 needles.  I find it's usually in my best interest to stick with the original vision I have for a project.  Once I rethink it too many times the vision is lost.

I did have to shorten the sleeves and I think I like it better this way!  I'll try wearing it a few times and see what I think.  I can always attempt to order a couple more balls of yarn.  

Here's a shot before blocking.  Just have to weave in those pesky ends and cinch up the collar at the back of the neck, which I will leave for after blocking. 

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