Sunday, April 6, 2014

7 miles!

Yesterday I headed out for my long run, 7 miles.  The longest distance I have ever run actually.  I was pretty nervous as the weather was not great, and I have a pretty sizable blister (which I got from wearing new, cheap shoes on my last long run, stupid stupid stupid argh!).  It ended up so much better than I had imagined though.  The rain was nice and light until the end, more of a refreshing drizzle really.  And there's so much wildlife on the Samammish river trail, it's very inspiring.  I saw two horses, a bald eagle, huge flocks of geese overhead in their vee formation, and more ducks and pretty birds than I could count.  

There also must have been an event on the trail recently, there were all sorts of inspring messages chalked on the pavement like this one:

This run I also tried Gu gels for the first time, and wow, they really make a difference!  I ate the first one at 3.5 miles, half way through, and then one every 15 minutes or so after that.  I ended up running almost the entire 7 miles!!  It was a slow pace of course, but I am totally fine with that.  If I feel that great on race day I will be overjoyed!